Le Stelle (The Stars) is located in the Texas Hill Country, six miles west of Johnson City, about an hour's drive from Austin and San Antonio. 

This ranch was formerly a  fine arts project,  that included an 12,000 sq.ft. Gallery Building with a fine arts library, and galleries featuring 40 years of Benini's paintings, and guest artists, as well as the Sculpture Ranch on the surrounding 140 acres.

The term Sculpture Ranch was chosen to reflect the strong environment of the Texas Hill Country. The area was settled by Germans in 1847 with the help of a treaty with the Comanches in the region. The Texas Hill Country is a preferred destination of Texans and out-of-state tourists, known for charming villages, wildflowers, longhorns and mountain vistas. Proximity to Austin and San Antonio allows easy accessibility to two international airports and major highways.

President Lyndon B. Johnson owned this property - we are told he called it his "deer ranch". This is a photo (see below) of the structures he brought up to the top of the mountain. Close view shows the rockers on the porch that have his LBJ brand on them. These are currently at the ranch of a neighbor. We were told he raised angora goats on the property.

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