This 12000± sq. ft. hanger structure provides a vast space for varied uses. It has two bathrooms; one is handicapped accessible. The kitchen has a gas range and refrigerator with a dining area. Previously, it held gallery showrooms, library, offices, workshops, and painting studio, but currently the building has been emptied of the artwork.

Texas limestone front fa├žade. The interior spaces were established with Centria SIP (structural insulated panels) providing great strength, some finished with steel, some with stainless steel. Three HVAC systems also maintain energy efficient zones for heating and cooling.

The main gallery ceiling is 18 feet in the center. Gallery walls are 12 feet high on the side and 8 feet tall in the center (moveable walls). The slab is 12” thick.

The roof contractor sprayed closed cell urethane over the entire structure and over that, an 11 mil elastomeric coating was applied. This SPF system is high strength, high insulation and weather resistant with maximum wind uplift resistance. 

The main lobby, offices and kitchen have Texas red granite floors created with 1’ x 2’ x 1.5” slabs.

NOTE: This ranch was dedicated to the fine arts, with this building housing galleries and the outdoor trails showcasing large scale sculptures. All the artwork is cleared. The hanger building is emptied and several of the walls were removed.

This is the main gallery between the lobby and the back half of the building.

 These photos show it when it was a gallery.

Showroom Lobby then,  now cleared and empty. 

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